Introducing Andres

Since 2019


Andres, Bindery Operator

Andres joined the Plum Grove production team in 2019, bringing over 6 years of experience in the printing industry. Andres is a Bindery Operator, running a variety of specialized production equipment, including a collator (makes booklets), folder (brochures), cutter and inserter (stuffs envelopes, up to 5,000 per hour). Staying busy with a variety of different activities is what he loves most about his job. Outside of work, Andres enjoys reading documentaries, especially success stories, he works out and spends time with his little boy.



Hunter is a 3-year old cockapoodle that looks like a teddy bear. But don’t let his adorable charm fool you! He likes his space, and his favorite past time is chasing people out of the house.