Case Study: Empowering Rep Firms with Marketing

Intellihot Printing Services

Intellihot has brought innovation to the water heater industry as the first company to design and build tankless commercial water heaters entirely in the USA. The water heaters operate up to 40 percent more efficiently compared to traditional methods. To get the word out about its exciting new product line, Intellihot has a distributed sales force, with multiple reps across North America. The marketing team was seeking a way to stay top-of-mind with its marketing for rep firms.


With Intellihot’s groundbreaking product line and fast growth trajectory, the marketing team stays busy managing product marketing, as well as supporting reps across the United States and Canada, regional sales managers and corporate team members. One of the challenges when working with rep firms across North America is that the firms represent multiple product lines and a variety of manufacturers, so it is important to stay in front of reps regularly.  It is also critical that reps are armed with the best tools possible to make selling the product line easy – easier than selling competitive products.

Plum Grove worked with Intellihot to launch a myBrandHub web-to-print website to help empower sales reps in the field and give them better access to marketing materials.

The site has 60+ registered users who can order a multitude of different products to support the sales pitch. Available collateral includes case studies about A-list customers with installation and product details, product sell sheets with features and technical specifications, and a product overview guide. Reps are also able to download digital files from the website, including logos and product photography. Reps can order materials online 24/7, and Plum Grove manages all printing, payment processing, order fulfillment, shipping, and myBrandHub website customer support.

For Intellihot’s corporate team, myBrandHub offers access to items like business cards and branded apparel.

With web-to-print, business cards can be customized and proofed instantly online. Intellihot attends a number of industry trade shows, and offers supporting materials online, including branded table covers and promotional giveaways, like custom pens and microfiber cloths.

myBrandHub helps Intellihot get new materials in front of reps easily, quickly and frequently, with announcements when new products and case studies become available online. Corporate requests for materials are managed without taking up internal resources. With Plum Grove managing all requests for approved marketing materials, the Intellihot marketing team saves time and stays focused on generating new marketing assets.


Do you get bogged down sending out marketing collateral?
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Plum Grove’s myBrandHub is a FREE website built just for you, where your workforce can order your approved marketing assets. You can allow users to make a lot of changes to collateral, or very few to no changes. You can get copied on every order or require approvals on orders. Plum Grove handles printing, shipping, and customer support – all at no cost!

  • Give your organization 24/7 access to marketing materials
  • Low quantities at wholesale pricing
  • Easy web-to-print customizations
  • Pre-approve all marketing materials for your workforce
  • Plum Grove handles all order fulfillment, shipping & customer support

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