Sneeze Guard

SKU: SG-30-7564-AW

4.5-ft Countertop Sneeze Guard, 3-sided with 2 Windows, 52×31-in


  • Clear acrylic sneeze guard shields against sneezes, coughs, and splashes
  • Sits upright on desktop or countertop with standoff feet and metal base for stability
  • Window slots allow pass-through access from both sides of the barrier
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Portable and removable
  • Crystal clear cast acrylic is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Totally customizable
  • Dimensions: 52-in W x 31-in H x 3.75-in D; Windows: 10-in W x 5-in H (each)
  • Slot windows offered with rounded or square corners

Maintain a healthy environment and prevent the spread of infectious illnesses. Guard your employees, guard your customers, guard your health! Sneeze guards feature heavy-duty chemical-resistant acrylic for durability and easy cleaning. Easy to assemble. Sneeze and cough barriers protect cash registers, office desks, cubicles, conference rooms, dine-in tables, carryout counters, reception counters, bank teller stations, and other high-risk areas.

In most state and local municipalities, both the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines recommend the use of plastic sneeze guards to create a physical barrier between people that might be exposed to each other while in their place of business, school, workplace or other public facilities. Sneeze barriers help to reduce the incidence of transmission of viruses, germs, and disease. 

Sneeze Guard Dimensions

Model Height (Y) Length (X) Window Height (B) Window Length (A)
SG-30-7564-AW 31" 52" 5" 10"


Custom sizes available – Get A Quote

Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 36 × 12 in
Type of Product

Sneeze & Cough Guards

Sneeze Guard Features

3-Sided, Countertop, Slot Window, Standoff Feet


2.5-ft Tall


4.5-ft Wide


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Crystal Clear Acrylic

Cough and sneeze guards feature 1/4-in thick heavy-duty, crystal clear cast acrylic.

Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Custom Logo Sneeze Guards



Sneeze barriers can be custom-tailored to your brand or business. Logos, designs, and colorful borders can be printed on all acrylic surfaces. We can create any shape, quantity, and design in sizes up to 40-in tall.

Sturdy Metal Feet

Cough and sneeze barriers stand upright on desktops, countertops, and table tops. With decorative standoff feet and a metal base, the shield is stable and secure. Metal feet come standard in silver, but are available in custom colors for an upcharge.

Standoff Feet for Sneeze Guards

Clean Sneeze Guards

Easy to Disinfect

The acrylic sneeze guard material provides chemical resistance to allow for cleaning and disinfecting without the concern of cracking, hazing, or clouding of the viewing surface.

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