What is Geofencing?

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What is Geofencing? Geofencing is a form of advertising that uses GPS technology on mobile phones to identify devices that enter a certain location. These mobile phones are then served your ads in phone apps, including news apps, weather apps, games, and more.

Using geofencing to target your audience is beneficial because visiting certain locations can be predictive of buying behavior. For example, people who visit a real estate open house may be in the market for a realtor and a mortgage loan. By geofencing real estate open houses, realtors and mortgage lenders can advertise on the phones of people who are likely in the market for those services.

Learn how to advertise on mobile phones using geofencing in the following video:

Advertise on mobile phones with geofencing. Target your audience using GPS location-tracking technology. Measure results both online and offline.

Geofencing location-based advertising offers marketers a powerful way to target prospects based locations they have visited. Geofencing creates a “geofence” around target locations or a virtual boundary that detects mobile devices.

When people enter a geofenced location, they become part of an audience pool who can see your digital ads. Geofencing uses GPS technology and cross-device matching to capture devices. Then, the mobile phones, tablets, and laptops captured will show your ads. People do not need to be in the geofenced location to see your ads.

Digital ads provide brand awareness and keep your business top-of-mind. Promote your message in phone apps, tablet apps, and online. Ads can be static images, animated GIFs or video ads. Over 600,000 apps in network – news, sports, games, music apps, and more.

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