Impressive Stats for Promotional Products

Promotional products (you know, freebies, giveaways, tchotchke, swag) may seem frivolous to some, but they have longevity in the world of business for a good reason. Not only do they give visible results, but these items have impressive statistics to back up this practice. When starting a business of your own, you might think that giving away promotional items is a waste of money and choose advertising instead. Conventional and digital advertising methods, however, can be just as costly, if not more expensive than an effective promotional product.

Promotional items can generate consumer traffic to your establishment, whether online or in the real world. Much research has been done in this area. Statistics show that a huge percentage of the respondents – approximately 76.1% – could recall the name of the company imprinted on a promo item. More astonishing is that the respondents were able to recall the company even when the items were received as far back 12 months ago.

Still, not all promotional items are effective for every audience. Consider the recipient when making your selection, and your audience could be among the 75.4% of people who kept the item because they found it useful.

What marketing advantages can be brought about by giving away promotional items? One is increased response rates, meaning that your clients will be coming back for more of what your company has to offer. You could also experience an increase in referrals. With the use of interesting or useful items, your clients are likely to talk about your company and the great service you offer.

Tips for Promotional Products

Don’t overspend.

You don’t have to spend a lot. People keep and use promotional pens all the time, and these are among the more affordable giveaways. (Make sure the pen you choose writes well, or everyone will toss it!) If you want something more striking, consider different tiers of giveaways. You can purchase a smaller number of a more high-end item, and reserve those for your top clients and prospects only.


Get a free sample.

When in doubt, ask for a sample of the item you’ve selected prior to placing the order. You’ll find out ahead of time whether or not that pen has a smooth, flowing line.


Proof the design.

Know the imprint area of the product you select. Consider how your logo will fit on the item and how it will look when completed. Ask your promo rep for recommendations and examples. Be sure to understand the file requirements for submitting your logo. Typically, you would send vector art and set fonts to outline. Ask your rep to contact you with any concerns. Always ask for a proof and review it right away so production is not delayed.


Consider turnaround time.

Production time varies depending on the product you choose. Build in at least 10 business days, but ask your rep for a hard deadline when you place your order. Communicate clearly when you need to have the item completed and in your hands.


Pick trendsetters.

Today’s hottest trends are mostly related to technology, but not all. As mentioned, promotional items should be focused on what is relevant to your client. The hot tech items include chargers/adapters, stylus pens, cord organizers, phone/tablet stands, and headphones.

Useful items such as tumblers are back again, thanks to more interesting styles and colors. For a little more per piece, backpacks and messenger bags are certain to be used or passed on to another person. Camo with an accent color is becoming hot.  Apparel is gaining some ground, with sunglasses leading the pack.


It’s time you considered reserving some of your trade show budget for promotional items. See how much mileage you can get out of a seemingly unassuming little item!

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