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Easily send files to Plum Grove for a project using the form below, or by using any of the other methods described on this page.
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    NOTE: Compress file(s) 2MB or larger • Maximum File Upload Size: 50 MB • Review our Print-ready Art Checklist

Print-ready artwork requirements checklist
Print-ready Artwork Checklist
To help ensure the accuracy and quality of your printed projects, we have compiled a print-ready artwork requirements checklist overview to help you ensure your artwork is ready for print.
Half Tri-Fold Brochure
Graphics Templates
Many Plum Grove products have art templates available for download to ensure your file is setup correctly for print.

Emailing Files

Files can be emailed to us at, however, most files for print are too large for email and may be rejected by your email server or ours. We encourage sending files through the tools on our website, which are designed to effortlessly transfer large files.

We believe you’ll find the file submission tools on our website much more reliable and efficient than email. If you send your files via email, you may be subjected to a file size limit imposed by your Internet service provider. Your Internet service provider may limit the size of email attachments you are allowed to send through their system, which may result in large artwork files being undelivered.

Sending Files on CD / DVD

We’ll gladly accept files on CD or DVD. While our website’s Send a File tool will easily transfer very large files, those same files will travel just as well on a CD or DVD if you prefer to bring them to us in person or ship them to:

Plum Grove Inc.
c/o Client Services
320 Cary Point Drive
Cary, IL 60013 USA

Acceptable File Formats

  • High resolution, print-ready PDF files are the preferred file format.
  • Macintosh and Windows files are accepted.
  • Acceptable file formats for final artwork and their file name extensions are shown in the list below:
    • PREFERRED: Adobe Acrobat – .PDF
    • Adobe Illustrator – .AI or .EPS
    • Adobe InDesign – .INDD
    • Adobe Photoshop – .PSD
    • Microsoft PowerPoint – .PPTX
    • Microsoft Word – .DOCX
    • QuarkXpress – .QXD or .QXP
    • Tagged Image File – .TIF or .TIFF
    • Bitmap – .BMP
    • High-Resolution .GIF
    • High-Resolution .JPG
    • High-Resolution .PNG
  • Always include the program extension as part of your file name.
  • Include fonts used.
  • Include placed images.
    • Photos should have a final resolution of 300 dpi. Bitmap or line art should have a final resolution of 1200 dpi.
    • Acceptable image file formats are: .EPS, .TIF, and .JPG
    • All color artwork and/or images must be provided in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color mode.
    • All black & white artwork must be provided in grayscale color mode.

Files To Include With Orders

When you send Plum Grove files, please include all the elements needed for production. If you’re providing a print-ready PDF, that PDF is the only file you’ll need to send. However, if your document was created elsewhere (in a page layout program, for example), you will need to include the page layout document, fonts, and any image files used in your design, as well.

For artwork designed in a page layout application, you should send the page layout file, all supporting images, and all the fonts used in the document. Many page layout applications include utilities to gather all of these elements together for you. Please refer to your graphics application’s documentation for more information.

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