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Boost your direct mail marketing campaigns with digital advertising, email marketing, retargeting, and other digital tactics. Maximize the power of mail campaigns with a multi-channel approach. Plum Grove offers innovative digital marketing solutions that expand your reach and increase ROI.
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Mail + Phone Ads with Addressable Geofencing

Mobile phone ads provide brand awareness and keep your business top-of-mind before and after your direct mail campaign reaches your prospects. Mailing list contacts see your digital ads on phones, computers and even Internet TVs with geofencing technology.

Digital Ads with Direct Mail

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USPS® Informed Delivery®

Mailing list contacts receive an email from USPS featuring a digital ad for your mail piece.

A new way to check the mail using Informed Delivery! Increase reach, attention, response and conversion for your direct mail campaigns with a complimentary email from the US Post Office. Informed Delivery subscribers can digitally preview mail via email, online dashboard, or mobile app. Your direct mail recipients can interact with digital content that you provide.

Direct Mail Services

Get expert guidance on what to mail, who to mail to, how to mail, and when to mail for the best results possible. Our direct mail services help grow consumer services, franchises, ecommerce, non-profits, and other businesses nationwide.
Plum Grove has an in-house creative team, mailing services department and commercial print shop. We can design, print, cut, fold, address, insert and seal your mail piece, while ensuring compliance with all postal regulations.
We make mass mailing hassle-free! We handle all mailing requirements, documentation, sorting, and post office delivery. Specializing in postcard mailing, bulk mail, business-class mail, co-mingled mail, and more.
With mail delivery tracking, you have full visibility of your mailing at the individual piece level. Monitor delivery using near real-time scan data and trigger subsequent marketing events based on the mail piece location status.

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