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Customer service with this company is outstanding!

Bill was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire transaction. A minor issue arose, which he seamlessly handled, resolving the matter in a timely fashion. It is a pleasure to work with a company that actually provides customer service. They have a wide range of promotional productions, some of which I have never seen elsewhere. The prices are on point and the prices quoted are final…no hidden fees. This company will continue to have my business and I look forward to working with them again!

Norma Rizer
HiRize Creative

A Pleasure to Work With

We have used Plum Grove for everything from direct mail flyers to our SEO, and Social Media Marketing. They always hit it out of the park and if something ever goes sideways (super rare) they are quick to communicate and take responsibility which means even more to me than how good they are 99% of the other time.
It is a pleasure to work with them. Thank you Peter, Kara, Sean and Kimberly!

Daniel McClure

Great work

We’ve been doing work with Plum Grove for years. They never disappoint. I work with Bill, that’s a joy all by itself. Keep up the excellent work!

Jan Gawenda
Chicago Skyliners


Picked them [printed books] up and I am DELIGHTED! Thank you for putting up with someone who knows nothing about writing a book! 📚📖

– Beveraly Ward,
President, Accurate Data Inc.

Beverly Ward
Accurate Data, Inc.


Just wanted to drop a note of congratulations on your recognition. I was one of the businesses that used your free signage during our toughest days. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!!

Again, Congratulations!! 🎈🎈

Beverly Allen
ABA Custom Homes Inc.

Plum Grove

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