Plum Grove Team

Our Greatest Asset

With strong family values as the foundation of its culture, Plum Grove believes in fostering long-term relationships with both our clients and our workforce. The Plum Grove team brings together 30 professionals. Over 30% of the team has been together for 2 decades and over half have been with Plum Grove for a decade or longer.
Browse the profiles of our talent below to learn more about our greatest asset, our people.

Our Culture

With over 40 years of history and an average employee tenure of over 15 years, Plum Grove prides itself on industry-leading service and execution excellence. Our seasoned experts are the defining reason how Plum Grove is able to offer seamless, hassle-free experiences to its clients – because our team knows their craft, and they know it well.

Executive Team

Founder / Sales Manager

– Plum Grove, 1980 –
49+ years of experience

With nearly four decades in the industry, Peter Lineal is the founder and sales manager of Plum Grove. Under his leadership, Plum Grove has received recognition for business excellence, green-friendly and sustainable practices, and creative design. His business growth consulting experience spans across a variety of industries, including home services, real estate, consumer goods, retail, business and financial services. Peter’s vision and customer centric approach have expanded the list of distinguished clients to include Angie’s List, Time Warner, RE/MAX, R1, Valence Health, Medline, Kavo-Kerr, Zounds Hearing, and other globally-recognized brands.

President & Chief Marketing Officer

– Plum Grove, 2018 –
19+ years of experience

Kara has served global retailers, brands, and manufacturers with an innovative approach that combines market research, creative elbow grease, digital marketing technology, performance data and an obsession with the customer experience. She’s brought products to market ranging from home goods to smart home products and mobile apps. She’s marketed brands including Champion, Spalding, Jockey, Hummer, Eddie Bauer, Coleman, Martha Stewart, and more. Her award-winning background includes multiple patents, a Design & Engineering Award in Consumer Electronics, and packaging design honored in a hardcover publication on branding.


– Plum Grove, 1987 –
33+ years of experience

Kim has worked with Plum Grove for over 30 years. As Plum Grove’s Chief Financial Officer, Kim supervises financial operations, accounting, and human resources. Kim streamlines business processes and sources the latest technology and equipment to help achieve Plum Grove’s revenue and profit targets. She manages commission programs, vendor negotiations, benefits, safety and other operational functions.

We’ve Been Doing This Awhile…

Years of Experience

We offer 780+ years of combined marketing experience on our 30 person team.
  • Sales & Marketing
    159 years total, Avg 27 years/person
  • Creative Design
    125 years total, Avg 25 years/person
  • Direct Mail Marketing
    117 years total, Avg 39 years/person
  • Trade Shows & Displays
    120 years total, Avg 27 years/person
  • Account Management
    116 years total, Avg 29 years/person
  • Production
    185 years total, Avg 23 years/person

Team Profiles

Plum Grove

Plum Grove


Plum Grove


Plum Grove


Plum Grove


Plum Grove


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