USPS Informed Delivery is an optional, free feature that gives residential consumers the ability to digitally preview their mail and manage their packages from one convenient location. Through Informed Delivery, users can view images of letter-size mail and color images from participating mailers via email notification, online dashboard at, or mobile app. Participating mailers can provide supplemental content, allowing users to take immediate action on a mailpiece.

Informed Delivery
– No Digital Content

Consumers receive an email with a grayscale scanned image of the mailpiece(s) arriving in the mailbox.

Informed Delivery Direct Mail Marketing

Informed Delivery
+ Interactive Digital Content

Provide full-color digital ads for your mailpiece and drive customers to your website for a complete digital experience.

Informed Delivery Email Marketing


Healthcare Example

Example Informed Delivery Campaign

Ecommerce Example

Sample Informed Delivery Campaign


Types of Informed Delivery Ad Images

Two advertising spaces, called Ride-along images and Representative Images, are available for your direct mail in the USPS Informed Delivery email notifications and dashboard.

Representative Images

A Representative Image is a color ad image that is used in lieu of a flat-size image or in place of a grayscale letter-size image. The Representative Image is not clickable/interactive.  A Representative Image is required for campaigns on flat-size pieces.

Ride-along Images

A Ride-along Image is a color ad image that is clickable/interactive for the user through the provided URL. The Ride-along Image URL is also used in the “Learn More” link in the interactive campaign. The Ride-along Image is placed below the grayscale scanned image or Representative Image in the Informed Delivery email notification and dashboard. A Ride-along Image is always required.


Informed Delivery Representative Images

USPS® allows you to enhance your Informed Delivery campaign with a full color image that displays in place of the scanned mailpiece (i.e., letters and postcards). Users can view this content in a daily digest email or on their USPS dashboard. For optimal quality within the digital setting, follow the below recommendations and requirements:

  • We recommend using a color image of the direct mailpiece so users correlate the digital image with the physical mail.
  • The image must be branded and directly related to the mailpiece and its contents.
  • Sync the look of the Representative Image and Ride-along Image to each other for a cohesive brand experience.
  • Size the image to at least one maximum dimension: 780px width or 500px height
  • Save file as a JPEG (.jpg)
  • File cannot exceed 200KB in size
  • Image color code must be RGB (not CMYK)


Informed Delivery Ride-along Images

USPS® requires that Informed Delivery campaigns include full color interactive content that accompanies the scanned mailpiece or Representative Image. When Informed Delivery users click on the Ride-along Image in their USPS email notification or USPS dashboard, they are redirected to the target URL provided by the mailer. This supplemental content is meant to enhance the customer call-to-action and reinforce the business objective of the mailpiece. For optimal quality, follow the recommendations and requirements below:

  • Sync the look of the Ride-along Image to the mailpiece or Representative Image for brand and campaign consistency.
  • Treat the Ride-along Image like a branded, clickable button with a call-to-action.
  • Opt for a clean, simple layout.
  • Provide a direct URL related to the desired user action.
  • Size to at least one maximum dimension: 300px width or 200px height.
  • Save file as a JPEG (.jpg)
  • File cannot exceed 200KB in size
  • Image color code must be RGB (not CMYK)

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