Informed Delivery provides organizations with insights about the campaign.
Informed Delivery User Data
Density and Email Statistics
The number of users and the percentage of users who elect to receive Informed Delivery emails.
Informed Delivery Open Rate
Open Rates
The number and percentage of emails opened during an Informed Delivery campaign.
Informed Delivery Click-through Rate
The number and percentage of click-throughs – when a user interacts with digital content.

Measure Performance

Informed Delivery offers advertisers both pre-campaign saturation reports and post-campaign data to analyze and gather insights. Post-campaign reports are available via a USPS Mailer Campaign Portal.


USPS offers an optional Pre-Campaign Report for businesses considering advertising with Informed Delivery. For this analysis, the mailing list is cross-checked against an Informed Delivery user list to indicate how many people are Informed Delivery users. The user information is provided in aggregate as USPS is prohibited from providing lists of Informed Delivery users.

Example Pre-campaign Report

Informed Delivery Pre-campaign Report


Summary Report

The Informed Delivery Summary Report is post-campaign information about the number of physical mailpieces processed, the number of mail recipients that were sent an email, the email open rate, and the number of clicks on ad links.

  • Mail Pieces – The number of campaign-related mailpieces identified during mail processing. This is not the total number of pieces in the mailing—just those identified as going to Informed Delivery users.
  • Emails – The number of campaign-related emails generated from the number of physical mail pieces. All email users in a household are counted in this metric.
  • Email Opened – The number of instances where a sent email was opened.
  • Email Open Rate – The number of email opens divided by the number of emails sent.
  • Click Through –The number of click-throughs generated from emails, the USPS dashboard, or app.
  • Click Through Rate – The number of click throughs divided by the number of mailpieces.

Detailed Report

The Informed Delivery Detailed Report expands upon the information provided in the Summary Report by including dates, times, etc. for each individual record. This level of detail is often required for in-depth analysis of how a particular mail campaign performed. This detail can help mailers determine how Informed Delivery users responded, at the household level, compared to non-users (personal information about a specific user is not provided).

  • Delivery Date – The date that a mailpiece was processed for delivery.
  • Email Sent Time – The time stamp of when an email was sent.
  • Email Opened Time – The time stamp of when an email was opened.
  • Ad Position in Email – The position in which the image was displayed in an email (1 means it was the first image, 2 means it was the second image, etc.)
  • Click Through Time – The time stamp of when a link from a campaign was clicked.
  • Source – Where a click-through originated. Possible values: Website=Learn More; Website Image=Ride-along Image; Email=Learn More; Email Image=Ride-along.
Example Post-campaign Summary Report

Informed Delivery Post-Campaign Reports

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