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Most digital marketers know that personalization gets exceptional results by ensuring your message resonates with your audience through one-to-one marketing. What digital experts may not know is that the same level of personalization can be achieved in print – customizing every single printed piece to its recipient. Our Variable Data Printing (VDP) capabilities combine the power of data and digital technology to seamlessly change the text and graphics for each printed piece. The following 4 examples illustrate some of the possibilities of personalization in print.

– Example 1 –

Demographic Targeting

Personalize the copy, images and graphics on every flyer, catalog, direct mail piece or card for your entire marketing database based on demographic information, like the recipient’s age, gender, ethnicity, location, etc.

demographic targeting print

1. Lifestyle Imagery

Select images and photographs that your target demographic segments can relate to, generating a strong emotional response.

2. Copy

Include content that your consumers care about based on their gender, age or previous interactions with your business.

3. Headlines

Personalize with a name, making sure to catch their eye, or a special offer that is targeted to the recipient.

4. Features & Services

It’s unlikely that everything you offer is relevant to every single customer. Tailor your recommendations to each customer’s needs.

5. Contact Information

Include details for the local branch or office, account representative, or other dedicated personnel.

6. Landing Page

Use a QR code or custom website address to lead the customer to a personalized landing page, e-commerce store or web form.

– Example 2 –


Retarget potential leads and past customers by leveraging what you know about their historical interactions and behavior. Include images in your printed materials of products or services the customer has shown interest in, or mention new promotions on those items. Target your messaging based on web pages visited, white papers downloaded, webinars attended, social media activity or other engagement activities that indicate the topics your prospects are interested in learning more about.

retargeting print personalization

1. Products & Services

Retarget customers by featuring the products and services they’ve previously shown interest in learning about.

2. Online Interactions

Reference past engagement with your business for brand recognition, and to support familiarity and trust in your company.

3. Historical Behavior

Leverage what you know about the customer’s previous touchpoints to upsell, cross sell and appeal to their preferences.

4. Discounts & Promotions

Incentivize customers to shop by informing them of price changes, upcoming sales, special promotions or exclusive discounts.

5. Call-to-Action

Create urgency and motivate customers to take action. Personalized calls to action perform 202% better than basic CTAs. (Hubspot)

– Example 3 –

Location-based Targeting

Tell your potential customer base exactly where to find you by personalizing your marketing or direct mail piece with a map showing the customer’s house and your business location, complete with step-by-step directions and the exact driving distance. It’s also a great opportunity to promote a loyalty rewards program, encouraging frequent visits. Location-based targeting is perfect for local businesses, like retail, health clubs, spas, hair salons, restaurants and grocers.

location-based personalization

1. Loyalty Rewards

Introduce your rewards program to encourage repeat business.

2. Directions

Provide step-by-step directions from the prospect’s home and/or workplace to your location.

3. Contact Information

Include the contact information for your local branch, office or retail location.

4. Map

Include a map that pinpoints your prospect’s home, employer and the location of your business.

5. Distance

Communicate the exact driving distance from the prospect’s points of interest to your company.

– Example 4 –

Life Event Targeting

Life events are a marketing opportunity for both B2B and B2C alike, offering a unique chance to engage with customers during an emotional time in their lives. Customer databases and automation capabilities are available to easily launch a life event marketing campaign. Solidify relationships with a personalized card or note on special dates, like birthdays or holidays, or during life events, like buying a home, graduations or the birth of a child. Consumer sectors can capitalize on untapped registry items by sending a catalog of all the items not purchased, or provide a “Congratulations Discount” incentive.

life event personalization

1. Registry Items

Create a custom catalog, flyer or special promotion for gift registry items that were not purchased. Post-event, capitalize on your customer’s wish list while gift cards and cash gifts are waiting to be used.

2. Personal Messages

Create messaging that is fine-tuned to the emotions and interests that different life events can trigger.

3. Event

Your brand presence during crucial life moments, with the right message, product or service, can create loyal customers for life.

4. Important Dates

Many life events require careful planning and support, presenting a marketing opportunity to provide checklists, calendars, timelines and preparation guides to help facilitate the occasion. Drive brand preference and stay top-of-mind.

Personalization Statistics

Consumer who report that personally relevant content increases their purchase intent for a brand’s products and services. (Marketing Insider Group)

Consumers who are likely to engage with a brand if promotions are directly tied to how they have interacted with the brand previously. (Marketo)

Marketers who reported a measurable lift in business results from personalization. (Evergage)

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