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Trade Show Display Guide

Whether you have a small trade show booth and attend many different shows per year, or have a large trade show space and attend one show per year, Plum Grove offers displays for every type of exhibitor. Look at everything we have to offer to make your event a success and save money and time, as our experts review your requirements and make sure we hit your budget and timeline.

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Popup Displays

Pop up displays are the most popular trade show displays due to their portability, affordability and the ease of setup, shipping, installation, and storage. Pop up displays are available in many sizes, including pop up table top displays, 10×10, 10×20, 20×20 and island displays. Typically, one person can set up pop up displays without tools, regardless of the booth size.

Modular Trade Show Displays

Modular displays are some of the most versatile trade show exhibits because they can be arranged to form many different configurations, easily turning a 20×20 display into a 10×10 display. They have a more stylized look than portable displays or pop up displays, and are much easier on the budget than custom displays. Modular exhibits can easily and quickly be constructed without tools and can integrate multimedia displays.

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Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

Tension fabric trade show booths use a frame (typically made from lightweight aluminum) and stretch fabric with custom printed art across the display. Tension fabric displays work well as the backwall of the booth, and also come in different shapes and sizes for a unique trade show booth space. Tension fabric displays quickly set up and break down, and are easy to store and ship.

Rental Trade Show Displays

Renting a trade show booth can help you stay within your budget, save time, and offer flexibility for changes to your exhibit for future shows. Renting a trade show booth generally costs less than purchasing a booth. It also gives you the flexibility to take a different approach with your display at subsequent shows without having invested too much money. Booth rentals don’t have the costs or logistics associated with booth storage between shows. Rental exhibits include many designs and layouts that look like they were made custom for your business.

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