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Grow your business with direct mail marketing. Plum Grove’s direct mail services grow your mailing list with advanced targeting criteria, use A/B testing to identify the most effective messaging and design, and optimize printing and postage for afforable, budget-friendly rates.

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Marketing Consulting

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

The experts at Plum Grove provide strategic consulting to help businesses reach their direct mail marketing goals. We start by understanding your business and objectives. Then, we work with you to establish a plan that fits your budget and timeline.

We get you the best rates on printing, design, and postage with our fully-integrated print shop, design team, and mailing department. Our team of experts work with you every step of the way to ensure your campaign is a success.

SAVE 20% Or More On Postage

We optimize your mailing and navigate complex postal regulations to achieve the lowest postage rates.

Plum Grove performs direct mail services that allow our clients to qualify for postage discounts. To optimize your direct mail program, we offer mailing list scrubbing, mail sorting, barcoding, trucking, and delivery. Plus, our Chicagoland location puts us in the middle of the USA, making your postage cheaper and faster to deliver.

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Direct Mail Services

Get expert guidance on what to mail, who to mail to, how to mail, and when to mail for the best results possible. Our direct mail services help grow consumer services, franchises, ecommerce, non-profits, and other businesses nationwide.
Plum Grove has an in-house creative team, mailing services department and commercial print shop. We can design, print, cut, fold, address, insert and seal your mail piece, while ensuring compliance with all postal regulations.
We make mass mailing hassle-free! We handle all mailing requirements, documentation, sorting, and post office delivery. Specializing in postcard mailing, bulk mail, business-class mail, co-mingled mail, and more.
With mail delivery tracking, you have full visibility of your mailing at the individual piece level. Monitor delivery using near real-time scan data and trigger subsequent marketing events based on the mail piece location status.

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Technology Spotlight

Mail + Phone Ads with Addressable Geofencing

Mobile phone ads provide brand awareness and keep your business top-of-mind before and after your direct mail campaign reaches your prospects. Mailing list contacts see your digital ads on phones, computers and even Internet TVs with geofencing technology.

  • Display ads on phone apps
  • Target all your mailing list households
  • Measure ad clicks & website visits
  • Track physical foot traffic to your business

Digital Ads with Direct Mail

Informed Delivery Icon

Free For Qualified Orders

USPS® Informed Delivery®

Mailing list contacts receive an email from USPS featuring a digital ad for your mail piece.

A new way to check the mail using Informed Delivery! Increase reach, attention, response and conversion for your direct mail campaigns with a complimentary email from the US Post Office. Informed Delivery subscribers can digitally preview mail via email, online dashboard, or mobile app. Your direct mail recipients can interact with digital content that you provide.

Mailing Lists

Purchase consumer or business mailing lists with thousands of targeting options for just pennies per contact. We can clean your existing mailing list by standardizing addresses, verifying deliverability, removing duplicates, and suppressing unwanted contacts.

consumer mailing lists icon
Consumer Mailing Lists
Target your consumer mailing list by location, demographics, shopping behavior, brand preferences, and more. Over 4,000+ options. As low as 3.5¢ per contact.
EDDM Mailing icon
Mail the Town (Better Than EDDM)
Better than EDDM. Hands-free program includes mailing list, printing and postage as low as 30¢ per jumbo postcard.
New movers icon
New Movers Mailing Lists
Get a mailing list and/or printed address labels for all new residents orhomeowners (option to exclude renters) in your area. Five zip codes for $34.95/month. Risk-free 30-Day Trial.
business mailing lists icon
Business Mailing Lists
Target your business mailing list by location, industry, sales revenue, number of employees, public vs. private and more. As low as 6¢ per contact.

Accuracy Guaranteed

We use multiple, comprehensive data sources to generate the best lists possible with better results. Our data is always cleansed, fresh and up-to-date.
If one of our mailing lists generates returned mail greater than 6%, we will issue a credit for each returned piece. See mailing lists for details.
Our data is always cleansed, fresh and up-to-date. Data is compiled and updated at regular intervals to ensure the highest deliverability rates possible.

Why Choose Direct Mail?

Direct mail marketing cuts through the clutter and gets your message directly in the hands of your customers. In the persistent stream of virtual communication people encounter throughout the day, receiving a direct sensory experience of a brand is proven to generate an emotional response.

The average direct mail response rate is 5.3% for households and 2.9% for prospects. Compare that to 0.6% for email, 0.6% paid search, 0.2% online display and 0.4% for social media.
Direct mail median household return on investment is 29%. Compare that to 23% for paid search, 16% online display and 30% for social media.
For every $167 spent on direct mail in the United States, $2,095 worth of goods are sold on average.
Stay top-of-mind with former customers. The average response rate for direct mail sent to former customers is 18.4%.
Using a person’s name and printing in full color for direct mail has been shown to increase the response rate by a whopping 135%.
Unlike digital marketing, mail is a form of physical communication that triggers deep emotional responses through sensations of touch.


5 Way to Target Direct Mail

Find and reach your ideal audience with our top recommendations for direct mail targeting. Discover ways to reach qualified households and maximize your budget. Learn how to:

  • Personalize your direct mail
  • Utilize demographic targeting
  • Eliminate households that are unlikely to buy
  • Skip vacant homes & vacation properties
  • Get the same low postage as EDDM with better results

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