2021 USPS Postage Increases
2021 Postage Increase Blog

There’s only three weeks left to save on postage!  

Did you know that postage rates are going up AGAIN this year? That’s right, nearly all postal rates are increasing again this year, some as much as $0.20.

Beginning August 29, 2021, US postage rates for 1oz letters, metered mail letters, flat/large and postcards. This is the second USPS postage increase of 2021, with the first rate increase talking effect January 24, 2021. The chart below shows both increases.

 Mail Piece  Jan 21  Aug 21  Increase
 Letters – 1 oz  $0.55  $0.58  $0.03
Metered Mail Letters – 1 oz  $0.51  $0.53  $0.02
 Flat/Large Envelope – 1 oz  $1.00  $1.16  $0.16
 Postcards  $0.36  $0.40  $0.04


With time running out and postage increases looming, now is the time to get those print and mail projects done to save some $$.


Cost increases are a common factor for any business, but thankfully shipping rates from USPS are transparent and easy to calculate. Your biggest work here is understanding how you’ll be impacted and developing a plan to raise rates and notify customers. For the most part, the small rate increase will still enable you to be profitable in 2021.


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