Marketing Idea #1: Set a world record.
Set a World Record | 1001 Marketing Ideas

Set a World Record

Break boundaries and show the world how amazing you are by setting a record in the Guinness Book of Records.

Achieving a world record identifies your brand as a leader who is the best at something measurable, driven to reach new heights in uncharted territory. To get the highest marketing return on your effort, you may want to choose a goal that demonstrates your capabilities, drives interest in your industry, promotes goodwill in the community, or simply attracts attention!

Marketing Tactics

Take advantage of the PR opportunity by educating consumers and raising brand awareness.


Give the initiative a branded name. Raise awareness with a press release about what you are hoping to achieve. Launch a post-event press release to recap the initiative and its results.

Host a Party

Invite attendees to witness your world record or participate in the record setting. Host a live event or live stream virtually. Throw a party to celebrate your win!

Social Media Marketing

Designate a branded hashtag to promote your world record initiative on social media. Share photos, videos, and stories before, during, and after the initiative. Tag participants or other parties of interest in your posts.

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