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Consumer Mailing Lists

3.5¢ per contact

Build a mailing list from any targeting criteria using Mail Made Simple™. Our database offers 200+ million individuals and 120+ million households – accuracy guaranteed*

Target by Location & Demographics
Provide targeting criteria and generate your list.
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Mailing Lists – Advanced Targeting
Target based on preferences, behavior, past purchases & more.
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Lead Generation

Reach New Customers

Create your own mailing list using demographic and location targeting criteria with Mail Made Simple™ consumer mailing lists. We use the freshest market data – our industry-leading data accuracy ensures your message gets delivered to the right person.

Mailing List Features

  • Database includes 200+ million consumers, 120+ million households
  • 3.5¢ per contact
  • Refine by demographics
  • Option to include email addresses
  • Guaranteed accuracy and deliverability
  • Convenient next business day email delivery
  • No minimums

Consumer direct mail list

Accuracy Guaranteed

Our consumer mailing list uses data from Excelsior and Acxiom, depending on how you want to target your list. We aggregate dozens of the best known and highest quality sources to generate a database of 200 million individuals. The data is rigorously cleansed through multiple sources, including National Change of Address (NCOA), DSF, deceased files and the Do Not Mail (DMA) databases. Next, the list undergoes an extensive accuracy review by ranking and validating the data sources for each data field.
Our consumer database is completely recompiled on a monthly basis, to keep the data fresh. The data is thoroughly cleansed twice during its compilation process; once at the start of the mailing list build, for a better merge/purge match rate, and a second time just prior to the data becoming available for the most current data possible.
We guarantee our accuracy and deliverability! If our consumer mailing list generates returned mail greater than 6%, we will issue credit up to the entire cost of the list.

Targeted Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Target Your Audience

Mail Made Simple consumer mailing lists are completely customizable. You choose the requirements, like location and demographics, for the consumers you want to include in your consumer list.

Mailing List Options

  • Location
  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Households with children
  • Age and gender of children
  • Households with seniors
  • Home value
  • Year home built
  • Length of residence
  • Lot size
  • Homeowners vs. renters
  • Home type (house, apartment, trailer, PO box)
Talk to an expert. Call 1-800-728-0158 or book a free consultation.

Build-a-List Pricing

Cost per Lead

One-Time Use 3.5¢
per contact
Use the List Multiple Times
per contact
Demographic Targeting
Target by location, age, gender, income and more.
Note: Net Worth targeting +3.5¢/contact
Order Processing Fee $20
per order

Mailing Services

Printed Address Labels $20

per 1,000

Postcard Design $199

per design

Printing, Postage & Shipping As low as 99¢

per piece

Build-a-List Tool

Build your own custom consumer mailing list. Easily create and buy a consumer mailing list online using our internet mailing list tool below. Choose the locations and demographics for the people you want to target. Get an instant count of how many contacts are included in your list based on your criteria.

Questions? Call 1-800-728-0158 or email us.

Orders processed by: Plum Grove Inc. | 320 Cary Point Drive, Cary Illinois 60013 USA | 1-800-728-0158

Custom Mailing Lists

We offer thousands of targeting options . Our custom behavior-based mailing lists are built from demographic data, transaction history, media behavior, purchase intent, and attitudinal indicators.

Full-Service Mailing Department

We Mail 2.8+ Million Pieces/Month –

Plum Grove has an in-house creative team, mailing services department and commercial print shop. We can design, print, cut, fold, address, insert and seal your mail piece, while ensuring compliance with all postal regulations.
We make mass mailing as hassle-free as possible! We can handle all mailing requirements, documentation, sorting and post office delivery. Specializing in postcard mailing, bulk mail, business class mail, co-mingled mail and more.
With mail delivery tracking, you have full visibility of your mailing at the individual piece level. Monitor delivery using near real-time scan data and trigger subsequent marketing events based on the mail piece location status.


Consumer mailing lists are delivered the next business day via email in .CSV format (or another file format of your choosing.)

Most folks are on the national or state Do Not Call Registry, so it’s not legal for us to give those phone numbers out.
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Undeliverable mail is due to a variety of circumstances. For example, a piece of mail will be returned if a house is vacant – even though the house has just been purchased. There may not be anyone living in the house yet, or the house may be rented by someone under a different name than the owner. This type of circumstance, along with a variety of others, can lead to an undeliverable piece of mail.

Once you rent a consumer mailing list, you can use that list one time. For an additional charge, you may rent consumer mailing list for one year and use that list as many times as you like during the year. However, you are responsible for running the list through a certified National Change of Address (NCOA) provider if you wish to use the list past a 30-day period. Mail Made Simple mailing lists are provided within NCOA compliance at the time of purchase, but you are responsible for any ongoing NCOA processing to keep the address list within postal compliance past the 30-day period.

Payments are accepted by credit card at the time of list purchase.

Mailing lists that have already been delivered to you cannot be refunded.

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