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Lead Generation

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With Mail Made Simple’s Better Than Every Door Direct Mail service, you can reach the households that are most important to your business for a low, all-inclusive price.

Better than EDDM Benefits

  • Targeted and personalized direct mail marketing
  • We do all the work, from the printing to delivery at the post office
  • All-inclusive pricing as low as 30¢ per piece includes mailing list, printing and postage
  • Full-color Jumbo Postcard 5.5-in x 11-in
  • Better ROI than Every Door Direct Mail
  • Promote sales and events
  • Send coupons and special offers
  • Announce grand openings

Better than EDDM

EDDM Mailing Services

Direct Mail Advertising

The Better Than EDDM mailing service provides businesses with a hassle-free, cost-effective way to get direct marketing messages into the hands of consumers in a localized area. It’s the ideal direct mail solution for targeting neighborhoods near your location or multiple locations. Unlike the Every Door Direct Mail service, with Better Than EDDM you can target your audience so that you only reach those households that are important to you.

Targeted Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Target Your Audience

Mail Made Simple mailing lists can be tailored to your business requirements. You select the list criteria, like location and demographic information, for those households you would like included in your Better Than EDDM consumer mailing list.

Mailing List Options

  • Location
  • Household income
  • Age range
  • Head of household gender
  • Dwelling type (house, apartment, etc.)
  • Businesses optional
How it’s Better

The United States Post Office Every Door Direct Mail program, called EDDM, makes you print and mail to every home and apartment on the postal carrier’s route. And you get a great postage rate for doing that, BUT…if you mail to most of the homes (50-90% or more of the addresses on the postal carrier’s route), you can still get the same EDDM postage rate (or better – under 16 cents) and you can eliminate homes you don’t want to reach. With Better Than EDDM you get a great postage rate and save a lot of money that would have been wasted on sending mail to homes that aren’t your market.

Feature Comparison
Better Than EDDM
(Limit by age ranges, income, etc. For example, eliminate low income homes with elderly occupants.)
Don’t Mail Vacant Houses & Foreclosures X
Don’t Mail Apartments or ONLY Mail Apartments X
Personalize with a Name X
Do All the Work For Me: Print, Address & Mail It X

All-Inclusive Pricing

Our low prices include the mailing list, jumbo 5.5-in x 11-in postcard printing, postage, postal documentation and shipping.
Quantity Total Price per Piece
2,500 $1270 51¢
per piece
5,000 $2018 40¢
per piece
7,500 $2762 37¢
per piece
10,000 $3520 35¢
per piece
12,500 $4251 34¢
per piece
15,000 $4976 33¢
per piece
17,500 $5719 33¢
per piece
Quantity Total Price per Piece
20,000 $6434 32¢
per piece
22,500 $7144 32¢
per piece
25,000 $7871 31¢
per piece
27,500 $8582 31¢
per piece
30,000 $9288 31¢
per piece
32,500 $10,015 31¢
per piece
35,000 $10,718 31¢
per piece
Quantity Total Price per Piece
37,500 $11,416 30¢
per piece
40,000 $12,131 30¢
per piece
42,500 $12,827 30¢
per piece
45,000 $13,518 30¢
per piece
47,500 $14,230 30¢
per piece
50,000 $14,927 30¢
per piece
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Every Door Direct Mail is great. Pick your routes. No mailing lists. Low postage. Deliver it to the post office and your direct mail marketing is on its way. What could be better? Mail Made Simple™ offers a Better Than EDDM mailing service with better targeting, personalized addressing, lower postage, increased deliverability, and….we do all the work!
Mail Made Simple’s Better Than EDDM all-inclusive direct mail marketing service includes your mailing list, postcard printing, addressing, postage and shipping. We handle it all for one low price and guarantee a 3-week turnaround time from the date art is approved to the day the mail is delivered.
Better Targeting
Save money by mailing only to the people who are most likely to respond. Target by: carrier route location, household income range, age range, head of household gender, single-family homes, multi-family homes (ex. apartments) or both. You also can include or exclude businesses. Better Than EDDM mailings remove vacant houses and those people on the "Do not mail" list.
Instead of addressing mail to the impersonal “occupant” that EDDM uses, Better Than EDDM increases response rates by personalizing mail with a name. If you prefer to target the mail campaign by gender, mail can be addressed to either the male or female head of the household (where available).
The post office charges 18.3¢ postage per piece for EDDM. Better Than EDDM postage is just 17.4¢ per piece. By offering a 5.5-in x 11-in jumbo postcard, your mailing piece qualifies for a lower postage rate.
With EDDM the mail gets sorted by the postal carrier – one per household. EDDM mail may get delivered upside down or backwards. At apartments and condos, EDDM mail may end up on the floor in a “take one” pile. With Better Than EDDM, your direct mail gets sorted by machines and is delivered by the postal carrier in the mail box with other important mail addressed to the individual in the home.
Questions? Speak with a Mail Made Simple™ expert at 1-800-728-0158 or Email Us

Additional Mailing Services

Plum Grove has an in-house creative team with over two decades of experience working with direct mail. We can design your jumbo 5.5-in x 11-in postcard at a low, flat-rate of $199, while ensuring your satisfaction and compliance with all postal regulations.
With mail delivery tracking, you have full visibility of your mailing at the individual piece level. Monitor delivery using near real-time scan data and trigger subsequent marketing events based on the mail piece location status.
To order additional mailing services speak with a Mail Made Simple™ expert at 1-800-728-0158 or Email Us


Mailing List Intelligence Report

Complete the form below and we’ll generate a custom report with insights about your target mailing area. Includes a count of single-family homes versus apartments, median income, home value, median age and much more. This information can be used to identify the best carrier routes for your mailing. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.
Single-Family Homes
Single-family Homes
Multi-family Homes
Multi-family Homes
Median Income
Median Income
Median Home Value
Median Home Value
Median Age
Median Age
Households with Children
Households with Children

Mailing List Intelligence Report

  • Include zip codes you want to target or any other details about your targeted mailing area. Use the Zip Code Finder for assistance selecting zip codes.

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