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5 Ways to Target Your Direct Mail Audience


Grow your business with direct mail.

Are your direct mail campaigns reaching the right prospects?

Find and reach your ideal audience with our top 5 targeting recommendations for direct mail marketing. Discover ways to target more qualified households and maximize your marketing budget. In this webinar we will cover:

  • Beyond location – utilize demographic information for targeting
  • Eliminate households that are least likely to buy
  • How to skip empty homes and vacation properties
  • Personalize for the best results
  • Better Than EDDM: Get the same low postage as EDDM with better results

This seminar is for business owners, brands, design studios, and agencies who sell to or support sales to consumers. Perfect for retail, banks, restaurants, health and fitness, dental practices, medical and veterinary practices, personal care, home services – virtually any business that is serving a geographic marketing area.


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Peter Lineal
Founder, Plum Grove

With nearly four decades in the marketing industry, Peter Lineal is the founder and sales manager of Plum Grove. Under his leadership, Plum Grove has received recognition for business excellence, green-friendly and sustainable practices, and creative design. His business growth consulting experience spans across a variety of industries, including home services, real estate, consumer goods, retail, business and financial services. Peter’s vision and customer centric approach have expanded the list of distinguished clients to include Angie’s List, Time Warner, RE/MAX, R1, Valence Health, Medline, Kavo-Kerr, Zounds Hearing, and other globally-recognized brands.

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