Plum Grove Invests in Vanguard LED UV Printer & Summa Cutter
Vanguard VR5D-E Flatbed LED UV Printer
Addition of Large Format 4×8-ft True LED UV Flatbed Printer and Flatbed Cutter Promises to Set Free the Creativity of Customers

Hoffman Estates, IL • November 14, 2019 – Imagine the ability to design a sign, large-scale graphic, or architectural element limited only by your creativity.

In other words, you’re liberated from typical restrictions in size, material, material thickness, minimum order quantities, or color. Instead, you’re free to create something that, depending on your vision and requirements, could be printed on materials like wood and acrylic, will withstand harsh outdoor conditions, could feature white ink over a dark material color, and precision cut into practically any shape you dream up. And best of all, the process is environmentally friendly and lightning-fast.

Thanks to a recent equipment investment made at Plum Grove, you no longer need to imagine. Specifically, customers can now harness the impressive capabilities of Plum Grove’s newly purchased Vanguard VR5D-E Flatbed LED UV Printer and Summa F1612 Flatbed Cutting System.

Kara Lineal, President and Chief Marketing Officer at Plum Grove explained that flatbed printers offer capabilities to consumers and small businesses that were previously unthinkable with more traditional printing techniques. Here are some examples:

  • Flatbed printers can print on a wide variety of materials, which include metal, wood, canvas, cloth, plastic, PVC, acrylic, carpet, tile, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, leather, photographic paper, film, and more.
  • They’re capable of spot white, flood white, and day/night flood white printing, empowering customers to not only print in white on colored materials but also to use white as a diffusion layer for the creation of backlit signs.
  • Flatbed printers use UV inks which create a tough bond with the materials they are printed on. This makes the materials more resistant to fading and cracking in sunlight and other outdoor elements.
  • The flatbed printing process is eco-friendlier because flatbeds can print in single runs, do not require printing plates or silkscreens, use less ink than other printer types, and utilize inks that contain fewer harmful chemicals.
  • Flatbeds can print on any size and shape of surface provided it doesn’t exceed the overall size of the bed and maximum thickness.

Lineal said that the addition of a flatbed cutter makes a great thing even better by offering sharp, crisp, laser-precise cuts on larger and thicker materials with virtually no limitation in shape.

“This is big news for Plum Grove, literally and figuratively,” Lineal said. “We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what we can do for our customers, regardless of budget or the size of the print run. Adding machines as versatile as these greatly expand our ability to create custom, one-of-a-kind graphics with unmatched quality, all at very affordable prices.”

“When a customer comes in with a really creative and interesting idea, nothing makes us happier than to say ‘yes, we can do that,’” added Peter Lineal, Founder of Plum Grove. “In terms of large-scale printing in non-standard media, sizes, and shapes, our ability to say ‘yes’ just grew tenfold.”

Specifications for the Vanguard VR5D-E Flatbed LED UV Printer:

  • Maximum Print Area: 50” x 99”
  • Maximum Print Thickness: 4”
  • Single Row Print Speeds: Up to 428 Square Feet Per Hour
  • Dual Row Print Speeds: Up to 648 Square Feet Per Hour

Specifications for the Summa F1612 Flatbed Cutting System:

  • Cutting Area: 63” x 47” (up to 164’ long in multi-panel)
  • Media Width: Up to 65”
  • Speed: Up to 39.4” Per Second
  • Clearance: 2”

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