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Double Deck 20′ x 20′ Trade Show Exhibit Rental | Orbus


  • Purchased fabric graphics clad the deck with a sleek, sophisticated and polished look. Choose from a complete graphic kit to -indress the deck-in or select graphics desired a la carte. Hardware for graphic attachment is rentable.Complete pillowcase stretch fabric graphic kit includes:
  • top deck railing cover four sides and door
  • staircase
    exterior facing side of staircase
  • interior wallTrucking needed for transport
    Deck packs in 1 36-inl x 36-inh x 16-ft D Beam cart, 1 48-inl x 40-inh x 10-ft D Staircase pallet, 1 48-inl x 40-inh x 8-ft D
    Handrail pallet, 1 48-inl x 48-inh x 8-ft D Deck pallet,
    1 48-inl x 48-inh x 12-ind Hardware crate and 1 48-inl
    x 36-inh x 8-ft D Ceiling box pallet
  • Assembled dimensions: 243-in W x 153.96-in H x 219.6-in D

Maximize your real estate with a double deck exhibit and create stylish and semi-private meeting spaces on the tradeshow floor! This engineer-certified exhibit system features heavy-duty aluminum construction, high-strength components and is made in the USA. The secure double deck system is designed for easy setup, requires minimal tools and takes an average of four laborers eight hours to assemble.

Dress the deck with a variety of stretch fabric graphics to create a soft and polished appearance that features your desired messaging and branding. Graphics are sold as a complete kit and as individual pieces. Flooring is not included.

The rental deck system requires a booth space larger than 20' x 20'. Deck hardware includes stairs and railing with texture acrylic infills on staircase. The maximum occupancy on the second floor of the deck is nine persons.

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