Eco-Friendly Trade Show Giveaways

Promotional trade show giveaways are proven to leave an impression with your customers and, if done right, can even drive traffic to your booth. Getting branded gear into your customers’ hands increases your brand awareness and recognition, but it is also an opportunity to reinforce your company’s stance on environmental issues. Eco-friendly trade show giveaways help reinforce where your brand stands.

Choose Something Reusable.

Opting to print your branding on something reusable is good for the planet because it reduces landfill. Giving your customers a stainless-steel reusable water bottle, for example, will reduce the amount of disposable water bottles your customers use.

Select Recycled or Sustainable Materials.

The structure or composition of your takeaway is also significant. Using recycled materials reduces waste and keeps items out of landfills. Creating a pen made from recycled plastics or printing marketing handouts on recycled paper reduces the need for the creation of new plastic and paper. Sustainable materials are made from natural plant fibers, so think reusable bags made from cotton or jute fabric.

Go Digital.

Load a digital version of your latest catalog and brochures onto a portable flash drive made with recycled materials and hand that out. Your customers will be able to view digital versions of your marketing items on their computers, and when they’re done they can reuse your branded flash drive to store their own data.

Give Greenery.

You can order planting kits with your message printed on the pots. Consider printing brochures or other printouts on seed paper. The unique texture will leave an impression, and when your customers get home, they can  plant your marketing item in the ground or in a planter. Since the paper safely breaks down and the resulting plants will convert CO2, a greenhouse gas, into breathable oxygen, seed paper is an incredibly eco-friendly giveaway.

Include Disposal Instructions.

Even a well-made reusable promotional item will wear out eventually, so make sure your customers know how to dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner. Items made from recycled materials can be recycled again, and items made from sustainable materials can usually be composted. Use the chasing arrows recycling logo or written instructions.

Many ways exist to create a memorable, effective and eco-friendly marketing tool to hand out at your next trade show.

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