5 Ways to Update a Trade Show Display

What’s that you say? No time or money to revamp your trade show presence? Then take advantage of a few quick fixes to update your look.

Change Your Perspective

Start by taking a step back and seeing your displays from the perspective of a show attendee. Would the graphics get your attention on a crowded show floor? What can you discern about your company just from the display? More importantly, does this booth have anything you (the attendee) want or need? Be objective. Involve other members of your team who have never before seen your displays. Stay open to criticism.

Based on your findings, determine what you can do to improve your exhibit presence before the next expo, break it down into actionable steps, and start making your updates.

If It’s Broken, Fix It

It’s one thing if your display breaks during set up and you have to jury-rig something for the show. It’s quite another if you drag the pathetic looking thing from show to show with duct tape and baling wire all over it. Bite the bullet and make the repairs, or send it back to the manufacturer for repairs. If you aren’t going to replace it, at least keep it well maintained.

Keep Up With Yourself

You employed a hot new design trend on your display graphics a couple years ago… and now it looks totally dated. Plus, your brand has taken a different direction. You need to replace your graphics. Shiny new graphics will breathe new life into your booth presence.

Change It Up

Most modular booths can be easily reconfigured, so try a new floor plan. Also, they have simple add-ons to freshen up your look without extensive redesign, such as tablet holders and literature pockets. If you have a portable display, add to the floor plan a banner stand featuring a show special or a new product. How about a freestanding literature stand?

Distract Their Attention

Maybe you need to leave the graphics just as they are but you have something else to say. Take the focus off of your displays and shift it to where you want it. Try something interactive, such as live demos of your new product. You can conduct them at set intervals and give promo items to those who stop and listen. Contests are another good way to get visitors to pay attention to your booth staffers rather than your booth. Structure it so that participants need to interact with your staffers.

Remember that your booth presence is so much more than just the display; it’s largely about the people!

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