Marketing Idea #3: Advertise in Sports, Games, Weather & News Apps.
Geofencing Advertising

Advertise in Mobile Apps

Americans spend 5-6 hours per day or more on their phones (not including work-related activity!). Get in front of these consumers by advertising in mobile apps, where your customers read the news and sports updates, check the weather and play games.

Display Ads Drive Brand Awareness

Mobile app advertising is a brand awareness tactic. The audience has not necessarily shown purchase intent, however, when your products or services are needed in the future, your brand is top of mind due to your investment in brand awareness advertising. Display ads tend to have average click-through rates (CTRs) of around 0.1% (1 in 1,000 click an ad). Display advertising also drives up organic searches, brand searches, and direct website traffic.

Powerful Combo: Display Ads + Geofencing Targeting

Geofencing is a form of targeting that uses location and GPS technology to create an audience for advertising purposes. Geofencing targeting helps make sure your display ads are being shown to those users who are most interested in your services.

Locations to consider geofencing to create your advertising audience include competitor locations, retail stores, mailing list households, events, and conferences. As a long-term branding tactic, effective campaigns run for 3 months or longer to produce results.

Geofencing performance can be measured by ad clicks, website conversions, or even by geofencing your own physical location and tracking walk-ins from your campaign. By capturing people you advertised to in your own geofence, you can effectively measure offline conversions, like store visitors!

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