The Do's and Don'ts of Packing Your Display
Packaging Portable Booth

We tell our clients, “If you’re good to your displays, your displays will be good to you.” The meaning seems obvious: Take proper care of your displays and graphics, and they’ll look good and last. Still, many exhibitors are guilty of abuse… display abuse.

This abuse most often occurs as the expo ends. Booth staffers rush to dismantle, pack, and label everything so they can catch a plane or get something to eat. It’s time to break the cycle of abuse instead of your display.

Do follow the manufacturer’s instructions; they know everything about the display. It will also ensure that you stay in warranty.

Do ask your vendor (i.e., Tradeshows And Displays) specifically for packing instructions, if they are not included in the set-up instructions.

Do take photos of the display packed nicely in its case before removing everything for the first time. Text or email the photo to everyone who will be involved with your booth. Keep it on all phones.

Do take cell phone video of someone unpacking and repacking the display. Text or email it to everyone who will be involved with your booth. Watch an example video online. Keep it on all phones.

Do be extra careful with the graphics (pop-up panels, banners in their stands, etc.) These are considered a consumable and not covered under warranty.

Do hold the booth staffers accountable for the condition of the displays.

Let’s review some things to avoid doing:

Don’t rush. Try to build in enough time after the show to dismantle and pack with care.

Don’t kink, crease, crack, bend, fray, or wrinkle the graphics.

Don’t lay your graphics on the floor; if you can’t avoid it, make sure that they face up. Expo floors are filthy!

Don’t force it! If you’re having trouble collapsing your pop-up frame (for example), consider the possibility that you’re doing something wrong. Refer back to the instructions, and make sure none of the clips are still fastened.

Don’t jury-rig your displays or graphics. Contact the manufacturer about repairs.

Don’t expose your displays to temperature extremes. Graphics stiffen up when cold, making them hard to handle. Adhesives, such as the ones used on retractable banners and pop-up panels, can fail in extreme heat.

Don’t buy the cheap displays and feel surprised when they break. You get what you pay for.

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