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 Streamlining Financial Marketing for Loan Offices

America's Financial Choice Printing Services

America’s Financial Choice serves the short-term financial needs of its local neighborhoods. A private Illinois company that is licensed by the state of Illinois, it is staffed by local people that understand the community’s needs and concerns. While experiencing strong business growth and serving 20+ locations, the management team sought a way to empower store manager marketing while streamlining the administration and control of its marketing materials.

The management at America’s Financial Choice had a full plate running the business plus managing the financial marketing for its 20+ loan office locations. The executive team handled regular phone calls and email requests from loan office store managers for financial marketing collateral. They also packed and shipped materials for loan offices to use in local marketing efforts.

Some store managers wouldn’t always follow the approved protocol, however, and occasionally materials were being printed off the corporate website or other low resolution sources, then were mass photocopied, degrading the quality and legibility of the materials being produced. At times, managers were creating their own marketing pieces without getting corporate approval, which was risky both from a brand standards perspective and also due to the highly regulated language and terminology requirements in the financial industry.

Plum Grove worked with America’s Financial Choice to launch a myBrandHub web-to-print website, increasing the corporate team’s control over the brand’s marketing assets, and also making it easier for store managers to order and customize their own materials. Plum Grove handles myBrandHub customer support for the field, printing and order fulfillment, freeing up management’s time for other things. Corporate is able to approve all myBrandHub orders, ensuring regulatory compliance and budget control.

“Using myBrandHub gives us full control over high-quality and corporate approved marketing materials and still allows individual stores the ability to order what they need and when they need it.” says Jason Monahu, President of America’s Financial Choice. “The order approval process gives corporate-level control without slowing down the storefront’s immediate needs.”

myBrandHub provides financial marketing materials online, and allows loan offices to customize their collateral for their local community:

  • Corporate identity materials include business cards, personalized letterhead and custom branded envelopes.
  • Point-of-sale materials for stores include rack cards and posters with current promotions and seasonal marketing.
  • To generate new leads, products include postcard mailings, door hangers and referral coupons.



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Streamline Marketing,
Empower Your People

myBrandHub is a one-stop brand store for your marketing materials. The platform offers easy 24/7 online ordering, design online personalization, and instant proofing.

Powered by white glove fulfillment and friendly customer service, myBrandHub saves you time by offloading the production, quality control, logistics, and distribution of your marketing collateral to Plum Grove.

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