Plum Grove CEO Peter Lineal to Speak at Chicago Small Business Expo
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Plum Grove Inc., after merging with Trade Shows and Displays in 2014, announced that it will exhibit at the Small Business Expo Chicago® on April 21 at the UIC Forum. The day-long conference and trade show (which travels throughout the country to top cities for small business) brings together industry thought leaders and experts in a hands-on environment that features more than 20 free workshops and programs, along with 100+ interactive booths, demos, and exhibits. To register for free, visit the event page.

Start-ups and business owners can take advantage of free admission and educational workshops covering online/social media marketing, employee benefits, credit and financing, strategies for increasing revenue and team productivity, mentoring, cloud technologies, retirement plans, and more.


Plum Grove founder and CEO Peter Lineal has developed an exciting new presentation called “26.2 Red Hot Marketing Ideas (Marketing Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint).” An experienced speaker, Peter draws upon his 35+ years of experience as a small business owner delivering growth strategies with powerful execution to businesses and not-for-profits across the country to tailor meaningful presentations to his specific audiences. Attendees will also receive free copies of Peter’s Marketing Planning Ideas Booklet as well as many promotional gifts.

“Plum Grove is excited to participate in this event,” affirms Peter. “It gives us a great opportunity to serve the small business market with our experience and insights.”

Small Business Expo Chicago expects 4,000+ registered attendees from across the Chicago metropolitan area shopping for business resources, developing business leads, gaining new insights, and networking with peers.

“More and more Chicago residents are wanting to take the entrepreneurial leap,” says event founder Zachary Lezberg, “but their biggest barrier to starting a new business is that people don’t think they can. With the program we’ve put together, we believe our attendees will feel more empowered by the end of the day.”


Chicago Small Business Expo 2016 will take place at the UIC Forum | Main Hall ABC & Hallways, 725 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, Illinois 60607 from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Plum Grove will be located at Booth 107; use the main entrance and head for the furthest aisle to the left. “Our booth position of the first aisle in the front makes for a perfect touching off point for attendees who plan to make their way through each aisle,” Peter added.





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