Consistent Color Between Digital & Offset Printing
Consistent Color Between Digital and Offset Printing

Pantone Color Bridge Coated Plus Series1. Choose a Pantone color from the Pantone COLOR BRIDGE Coated Plus Series.

2. Once a color is chosen, create a unique color using your Company Name and the selected PMS color. (Always use Pantone COLOR BRIDGE Coated Plus Series.)

3. As an example, the newly created color for Plum Grove’s purple is: PlumGrove_PMS255C. This color must be set up as a SPOT COLOR with the specific build from the Pantone COLOR BRIDGE Coated Plus Series (53C-96M-10Y-24K).

4. The naming sequence should always be exactly as shown above in Step 3; the Company Name is first, not abbreviated, followed by an underscore and then the PMS coated color.

5. Once this color is created, the Digital Dept. will generate a Fiery color hexagon sheet, in this case for our PlumGrove_PMS255C created with the following build (53C-96M-10Y-24K). Review sheet to see which hexagon matches most closely to the actual Pantone COLOR BRIDGE Coated Plus Series swatch (CMYK swatch).

spot color search6. After a color from the hexagon sheet is chosen, the Digital Deptartment will adjust the CMYK build in the Digital Press software for PlumGrove_PMS255C with the build from the newly chosen hexagon. This will not affect the actual CMYK build for this color in the file, it only adjusts the digital output color.

7. The final result, a unique color named PlumGrove_PMS255C which will reproduce the same whether printing offset or digitally.

NOTE: Designers setting up files to print at Plum Grove should rename specific colors to equal our unique customer color name and make sure color is set to SPOT color. (The digital hexagon CMYK build should never be used in any color or file setup. This is only used in the digital software.)

8. To summarize our example, when printing offset with PlumGrove_PMS255C, this color can print as a spot color (using PMS255C), or as 4-color process using the CMYK build from the COLOR BRIDGE Coated Plus Series.

When printing digitally, the digital press will convert the process build to the chosen hexagon build for that particular color within the digital software. (It does not actually change the build within the file.)

If needed, this process can be repeated for any color printing on uncoated paper.

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